Watts College of Nursing

The 2025 application for Watts College of Nursing will be available in August 2024 for Spring 2025 and Fall 2025 cohorts

History of Watts College of Nursing

Watts College of Nursing is built on the strong tradition of excellence from the Watts School of Nursing which was established in 1895.  Watts College of Nursing officially opened in September 2019 offering the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Watts College of Nursing is a Corporate Affiliate of the Duke University Health System.

Watts College of Nursing is approved by the North Carolina Board of Nursing to prepare students upon graduation to take the professional licensure examination to become registered nurses. 

Completion of Watts College of Nursing's Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program meets the educational requirements to apply for licensure as a registered nurse in North Carolina.  Graduates of Watts at this time meet the requirements of all states within the US except the clinical requirement hours for California. 

As requirements for licensure in other states may change, students are encouraged to contact those states regarding requirements prior to enrolling.

Watts College of Nursing utilizes virtual platforms, in-person labs, and clinical rotations on the Watts College of Nursing's campus as well as at any of our contracted clinical agencies to accommodate the clinical requirements of the curriculum.

The BSN program of study instructional mode of delivery is blended with course lectures being conveyed via virtual platforms and/or on the Watts College of Nursing's campus via seated in-person sessions.

Watts College of Nursing — Welcome!

Watts College of Nursing is dedicated to educating and developing future nurses and nursing leaders who will impact the delivery of quality healthcare in their communities and throughout the world.  Watts College of Nursing builds on a rich history starting with the inception of Watts School of Nursing in 1895. 

The College’s mission is to “uphold a tradition of excellence in the preparation of professional nurses, through knowledge, evidence-based practice and research, to improve the health of the communities that we serve”.  It is supported by a team of talented faculty committed to innovative teaching strategies, and student success.  The faculty, staff, and administration of the College are always available to provide assistance, advice, program information, and academic support to current and prospective students. 

It is an exciting time to explore a degree in nursing and enter into a professional field that is enriching, rewarding, and fulfilling.  We look forward to receiving your application to be a part of the Watts College of Nursing family.  We are delighted that you are interested in learning from our astute faculty and staff who will share their expertise and offer you an exemplary education.  We are committed to offering our students the best pedagogical experience. For us, excellence is an expectation, not a goal.

I invite you to explore our website to learn more about our academic program, review resources, and learn more about Watts College of Nursing!

Let me be the first to say, Welcome to Watts!

Dr. Yolanda S. Neal, DNP, RN, NEA-BC
President, Watts College of Nursing

Watts College of Nursing does not discriminate in the educational program or activities of the college on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, sex, genetic information, or age.