Admissions Process

NOTE: The HESI and TOEFL requirements will be required for students accepted to start Watts College of Nursing August 2021 and after.


There are three steps to the admissions process: conditional acceptance, acceptance, and admission.

Application fee is $100.00 and non-refundable.

Step 1: Conditional Acceptance - is granted to an applicant who submits an application to the College. The condition requires a plan for the completion of general education requirements. In addition, the applicant must meet the Step 1 Admission Process and Requirements.

Step 2: Acceptance - is granted to the applicant who has completed or in the process of completing 45 credit hours of the required general education courses and initial review and approval of these credit hours by the College. The Student Affairs Committee reviews an application for acceptance following passage of the HESI A2 exam and receipt of specified materials listed under Step 2 Admission Process and Requirements. A letter of intent to enroll and $100.00 fee is due upon notification of acceptance. Once accepted, a student may request to delay matriculation one semester. Those with special circumstances may request an extension of this time period from the Student Affairs Committee. Any further delay will necessitate reapplication to the College.

Step 3: Admission - is granted to the applicant upon completion of all 60 credit hours and review and approval of the credit hours by the College. The applicant must also meet all admission requirements for matriculation into the nursing division. The Coordinator of Student Affairs must receive official transcripts verifying successful completion of the general education courses prior to the first day of orientation or the student will not be allowed to attend orientation and matriculate into the nursing division.

To get more information regarding the admissions process, please email the admissions office at

Admission Process and Requirements

Conditional Acceptance
Step 1: Submit the following and complete credits:

  • United States Citizen or United States Lawful Permanent Resident
  • Submit Watts College of Nursing Application and Application Fee
  • Submit Technical Standards Agreement Form
  • Submit Plan for Completion of General Education Requirements Form
  • Submit References – 1 academic/1 work related or 2 academic
  • Submit unofficial transcripts

Step 2: Submit/complete the following:

  • Create an Evolve student account, register for the Distance Testing Exam (HESI A2), and pass at the designated level in order to continue in Step 2
  • Request official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended be sent to Watts College of Nursing
  • Additional required information: Submission of an official high school transcript, diploma, or GED certificate
  • Submit letter of intent to enroll and $100.00 fee upon notification of acceptance

Step 3: Submit/complete the following:

  • Complete any remaining general education credits
  • Complete criminal background application and pay fee
  • Submit WCON Medical Form
  • Submit to Alcohol and Drug Testing prior to matriculation in the program
  • Submit official transcripts for any remaining general education credits
  • Submit proof of current Basic Life Support (BLS) training through the American Heart Association (BLS Provider Course)
  • Submit proof of health insurance

Watts College of Nursing does not discriminate in the educational program or activities of the college on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, sex, genetic information, or age.